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Posted on: August 18, 2008

        This week, I mainly collaborated with my colleagues on a project. Our company assisted in holding the IEEE conference.

         I thought if someone wanted to bring up, he must keep pondering his past and correct his own faults, making sure that would never do that again!.

        It was my first time to write a Javacript program, even though this language essentially was not that difficult, I encountered many difficulties as well as making lots of mistakes. One can even say Javascript is difficult becaust there isn’t any friendly debugger, you can only correct your code by reading code line by line. I ever made a mistabe because of adding a brace redundantly and then misleaded by brower’s tip, as a result I wasted a whole afternoon on that. It really made me annoyed.

        What can I got from this painful experience ?

        In this project, I should be familiar with the process then I can express the logical correctly with my Javascript code. The mistakes I had made is that I even didn’t get familiar with the whole requirements about the result, I got into coding in a rush. That is a catastrophic mistake…  Later I kept correcting the bugs….

        Always, everyone knows the principle, but less can stand by that. I am one of that guys.

        Writting this, accumulate the experience. Next time I should accept advice that I should schedule the business I should finish that day and not them in a paper.

        1.Pay attention to every details, finished them elegantly. Make sure take easy.

        2.Don’t say:”I am sorry, I cann’t ” with ease.

        3.Nobody will know how long you have spent on it, they only care for the reasult.

        4.You are man, be generous, don’t pay more attention to  trivias.



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