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These two days I encounter a problem that when I query data from database, and update them, I cann’t get the query log.

Since that I got to find a method to log it.

And mysql hasĀ  such a build-in function, So i use it, here is the usage:


1.Go to the bin folder.

2.mysqld-nt –installĀ  mysql –log=c:\mylog.log; Here must have the “mysql” or it will not work!!!


I still cann’t find out the solution. I wasted two days on it , just to find that it is a bug of mysql

Conclusion: When you get to do something, but the function doesn’t work. Please let yourself calm down, and extract the point of the problem! You should also suspect whether there is a bug in this system instead of your fault? Since that you can find out the solution quickly. In case there is a bug you will not get stuck.