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        There is an old landlord’s manor at ten meters away from the capital. Its wall is very thick, along with tower and frontispiece.

        Only in the summer, here comes in a wealthy and posted family. Here is the most beautiful manor owned by the family. Looking from outside, it looks like that was built just now. And the facilities with it is so confortable and convenient. The rock above the door chiselled the familial symbol which surround with beautiful roses. In front of manor there is a patch of lawn which is as smooth as carpet, there is redthorn、whitethorn and other precious flowers even though outside the greenhouse. This famile employed a diligent gardener.  He took charge garden、orchard、kailyard, what a beautiful scene! The adjacent old garden ramains the same, there are boxtree fencing and trees was pruned as pyramid or coronal. Behind the boxtrees, there are two lofty trees. The trees are always bare, you would tend to think they just suffered a cyclone which takes junks and throw on them, nevertheless the junks are roosts.

         Long time ago, birds nidificated here. This place is just like birds’s paradise, they are the host, the holder of this house, they are the most old family in this manor. They are disinterest about the human lived under them, they can abide these guys even through they always shoot them.

         The gardener always suggest the landlord to cut down the two old trees because they seem not that elegant. Cutting them down, All the people will  break away from the birds’ rumpus, the birds will search for other place. But the host wouldn’t like to cut the trees down or live away from the birds. These thing is what the manor inherits from ancience, which will never be gotten rid of.

          These two trees is what the birds inheritted, preserve them, my dear Lasen.

          The gardener ‘s name is Lasen, but the name in this story is not that important.

          Listen! Little Lasen, is your stage not enough ? The whole garden, greenhouse, orchard?

          When he possessed of these things, he took care this land with great enthusiasm. The host accept this point. But they nevey kept from the gardener that the fruit they eated at other body’s manor and the flowers in other garden are better. And this make the gardener sad, because he hope that his fruit is the best, what he has done is the most prominent. He is kindness and stick by this own responsibility.

          One day the host called him, with gentle and host’s manner of speaking told him that they had eatten a kind of apple and pear, which are succulent and delicious. The fruit won full of praise. It’s obvious that the fruit is not home-maded, but if the climate permits, we should introuce it into. They knew that the fruit bought from the biggest fruiterer in the city. The gardener should get into city and inquire about where is the fruit from and then go to book some seed.

           The gardener is very familiar with the fruiterer who is the right person that he delegated the host and sold the redundant fruit to.

           When the gardener went into city, he met the fruiterer and ask him where did her stock the praised apples and pears.

           “They were from your won orchard!”,the fruiterer said, and let him see the apples. He recognized the fruit.

           Ah! He was so exciting that he quickly come back for telling the host that the fruit come from his own orchard!

           The host never trusted him, “This is totally impossible, can you let the fruiterer offer a certification?”

           Certainly, and then he took back the certification.

           “It is noteworthy!” the host said.

           Afterward, there are always lot of fruit which is from his own orchard on the table, and he present them bucket by bucket to all his friends, even sent abroad, that’s joyous! One thing should mention, there are two years in succession, the climate is very good, it’s fit for the fruit’s growth, the whole nation had good harvest.

           After some time, one day the host went to palace for banquet. The second day the host summoned the gardener. They said that they had eaten a kind of succulent watermelon which come from Majesty’s orchard.

          You had better go to the palace’s gardener and get some such distinguished seeds.

         “But the seeds come from us!” the gardener said with delight.

          “Then he must cultivate and meliorate the fruit elaborately, since it is so delicious!”, The host replied.

          “yeah, I was proud of that”, I will say to my noble host:” the palace ‘s gardener



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